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Urban Initiatives is a 2022
AO Impact Grant Recipient

Location: Chicago, IL

Mission Statement:Urban Initiatives’ mission is to use the power of sport and play to empower Chicago’s youth to achieve academic success, develop social-emotional skills, and build social capital.

Project Details: Elementary Soccer Program

The Elementary Soccer Program is designed to change children’s attitudes and behaviors toward healthy eating and physical activity in order to encourage children to develop healthy behaviors and habits early in their lives. In an effort to provide consistency for participants, the Elementary Soccer Program runs throughout the school year in two, ten-week seasons. Each week consists of three program sessions: two before or after school practices and one after school scrimmage or game against another UI team. Each practice session includes at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity through soccer activities, a health education or social-emotional learning discussion and a nutritious snack consisting of a granola bar and fresh fruit. The environments in which our program is implemented include school playgrounds and gyms, public parks and fields, and indoor sport complexes. Each of our program sessions provides a 3 to 1 child to adult ratio, which ensures the environments are safe and properly supervised at all times. Head coaches are highly trained individuals who are either teachers at our partner schools or full-time employees of UI, and each head coach is supported by two assistant coaches and a program associate.