The Over Under Initiative

The Over Under Initiative
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The Over Under Initiative is a 2021
AO Impact Grant Recipient

Location: Anderson, SC USA

Mission Statement: “The Over Under Initiative is a non-profit organization founded by Kyle Martino dedicated to improving the health and wellness of kids by increasing access to sport in urban neighborhoods. By converting basketball courts and other blacktops to multi-sport spaces, OUI provides greater play opportunities for kids most in need of these proven benefits.

Project Details: The Over Under Initiative has teamed up with AO Anderson, led by Brock Elder, to build a multi-sport court in Homeland Park, an underfunded area of Anderson in South Carolina. The court has served as a catalyst for a broader park revamp, bringing together members of the community. The court will be a multi-sport court, enabling local residents, mainly youth, to be able to play sports they choose. By installing Goalpher, a goal that can recess underground, kids can play basketball when the goal is down, and soccer, hockey, or handball when the goal is up.